Lewis Ilkanco
3 May
11 years old
3rd faceup (older faceups)
Fiesty, curious, adventurous. Flirty.. >>;
Wants in on everything everything Hooli does.

Nichael "Nico" Piper
28 June
12 years old
Default AR faceup
Quiet, solemn, intellectual.
Prefers peace and quiet, dismisses Lewis and Julyan as silly and immature.

28 June
13 years old
First faceup (UKE HOO!! :D)
Cheerful, softspoken, trusting.
Artistic, optimistic and somewhat of an airhead.

+ female Blossom body

23 August
15 years old
First faceup
Observant, analytical, sometimes bossy.
Usually demure, fierce when impatient. Repressed boisterous side. Connects best with Nico.

The human.

THE scatterbrain.
Malaysian studying in Australia.
Loves spending time on little, unimportant things.
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